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Welcome to my community on the web. Everyone is welcome, make yourself at home.

All of the content here is free to view with or without registering. However, if you wish to contribute you will need to register. This precaution is simply to keep the bots at bay.

Eventually I may try to make the front page look pretty, but until then I will make a list of links to some of the content on the site.

My only rule is that you not use the site for abusive purposes, and make sure to categorize everything! The tag [[Category:CategoryName]] should be added to the bottom of every page at least once. Replace CategoryName with an appropriate Category of course. For a list of existing Categories Categories see the link bellow. If the page does not fit into one of the existing categories, then just make one up and it will be added automatically.

I am not going to insist on any particular language. I speak and read fluent English, and a bit of Japanese and Spanish. I realize that these are not the only languages that exist in the world. If the article is not in English, make a notation of what language is uses. One way may be to use a Category tag, for instance [[Category:Japanese]] or [[Category:日本語]]. This way people have an idea of what they are getting into when they read (or try to read) an article.

I would like you to take notice of the links at the bottom of this page, they will help you to get started here. I would like you to take special notice of the Categories link, and the link for LibGamePieces.


Some Useful Links

Here are some useful (or just cool) links.

Hair Brained Schemes

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