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[edit] Server Wide News

  • Wednesday(火), 2009年 6月 10日
The Wiki moved to a new virtual server today. It is still hosted by the same company, but I needed to downgrade my package for a while. I hate the economy. ;P

[edit] The World News

  • Thursday(木), 2011年 1月 6日
I should have posted this a few weeks ago, but the game system now has a working title. Let me introduce, Flux RPG!
  • Thursday(木), 2009年 4月 9日
There has been a lot of activity recently on the Game System Project. The project is finally starting to take off and is beginning to form into a real and functional game system! At the moment we have hashed out stats and are discussing the core mechanics that will make everything else run.

[edit] Tweak RPG News

  • Wednesday(火), 2010年 2月 17日
Just found an ugly typo. I had to fix the ability score modifier chart.

[edit] LibGamePieces News

  • Thursday(木), 2011年 1月 6日
I know it has been a while since I posted anything here. It has been a while since I coded on the project, and the code I have at the moment has its good points and its bad. At this time I am going to try starting from the beginning and basically redoing what I have so far to see if I can make the code cleaner, or at least prettier. I am going to start out with a bit of brain storming first so that I can approach this in an organized manner.
  • Tuesday(火), 2008年 9月 9日
I have decided to change over to the BSD License before the project gets too far along to make that change. A friend pointed out a few flaws in my previously intended license. The BSD License is also more likely to be taken seriously by the community at large.
  • Sunday(日), 2008年 9月 7日
Today I have subbmited a request to start a Source Forge project. The Source Forge resources will be used primarily to organize and manage file releases as well as the recruitment of project participants.
  • Thursday(木), 2008年 9月 4日
A darcs repository has been set up for colaboration and version control. I chose darcs for a few reasons. It is easy to set up and configure. Everyone can have their own repository within seconds. The patch based system seems like it will make download times for updates a lot quicker as the project grows. CVS took me several days to figure out, and I still have questions. Darcs I had up and running and pretty much figured out in a matter of hours.
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