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Here I will compile a list of IRC clients. These are applications that you can use to connect to an IRC server.


[edit] IRC Defined

For those who may have come here by accident, or just looking for info, I will explain real quick in layman's terms just what IRC is.

IRC is a chat protocol (ok, MOSTLY layman's terms). It is a type of chat server that can connect several servers together to support lost of people chatting at once. Everyone chats in chat channels, which is basically a group chat. It is also possible to send private messages to other people who are on the network.

[edit] Windows Clients

If you are using Windows, which I am pretty sure at least some of you are (sad, but I have to be realistic) then this is likely the de facto client. It is very easy to get, install, and use. If you are new to IRC, this is probably the client for you. If you use it often it is worth the registration fee, and the developer (note that is singular) would very much appreciate it. If you don't register, you will continue to get the nag screen reminding you to when you start the program.
XChat is a very nice client, and for a user who wants more flexibility it is superior to mIRC in many ways. On the plus side, xchat is available open source. On the down side, the windows specific version will lock you out after the trial period if you do not register. What it comes down to is this, the author finds programming for windows to be a total pain in the arse, and wishes to be compensated for it. If you like it though, and plan to use it long term, the license fee is not massive.
O.o There is a windows version of irssi now. This is worth celebrating!

[edit] Linux Clients

Ignoring the stated issue with the Windows version, the Linux version of XChat is one of the best available linux clients. It is not shareware, and there is no trial period, and no licensing fee. Odds are you can install it by clicking a check box in your distro's package manager. That is assuming that its not already installed as part of the core install.
It is my opinion that irssi is the best console based client, hands down. If you are comfortable with the command line, then you can use this client on your local machine, or via Telnet or SSH (depending on your system setup). I occasionally use it in conjunction with screen to keep an IRC session running remotely when I want to log a conversation, but am moving around too much to do it from my own computer.

[edit] Mac Clients

Ok, this section will mostly result from Google searches, as I don't have a mac, and can't give much detail on it. I may need help in this section.  :-)

[edit] Notes

More to come!!!

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