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[edit] Plot/Back Story

There are heroes of legend that always save the princess and the castle, that are called upon to face the greatest dangers, that children want to be when they grow up. They seem to have power that is more than mortal, seeming not able to be killed. What becomes of them after their legends? Do they fade out of existence, only remembered in stories of epic proportion, or perhaps they become something more...

After living the greatest life, you search for the greatest death. In this you ascertain from the gods: becoming a god yourself. Taking this final step, you leave the mortal shell behind, becoming an eternal guardian to that which you guarded in mortality.

[edit] Places of Interest

[edit] Reckba Kingdom

The only land that has been formally claimed. Land claim is defended mostly by manned out posts at the border, mostly to keep out unwanteds and help protect travelers.


Largest city and capital of the Reckba Kingdom.


Mainly populated by Elves. Started as an Elven Colony and grew due to the clear cutting of surrounding forests and the demise of the colonies presiding in them.


Largest city in region, after capital. It is a city built of slums, making a poor man seem like a king. Even so, the crime rate is incredibly low.


The main port in Reckba. This city is mostly ships, ports and docks, and anyone needed to run them.


Third largest population in the region. Led by a chieftain that refuses to accept the kings ruling.

Souckrouth Utterly Destroyed

In the middle of the marshes, grew from the ancient dwellings of the Orog. Due to there enslavement of many peoples, the population is very diverse.

[edit] Island of Prastis

Prastis is the Island nation south, and slightly to the west of the main continent. The island is primarily home to a single massive city and a handful of farms.

The City of Prastis is the capital city of the island, and you can find more info here:

[edit] Zaaraan Desert

Nothing survives in the desert. There is no know living anything, and no life force to be felt.

The only thing that is seen in the desert, located in the center of the peninsula. Sometimes not appearing, or appearing as ruins; other times it appears as a massive castle cathedral, much larger than any other place or thing in the known world. This has vanished.

[edit] Other Cities/Towns

Brat Port
An outpost port created by the Reckba Kingdom. Created as a resupply port, and rest port for the traveling ships traveling between Drend and Prastis.
The Dwarven outpost, comprised mostly of Dwarves that either willingly left the mountains or were banished. Either way, all Dwarves are accepted in this city, even if all in the city aren't accepted by Dwarves. It is clear to anyone coming to this place that it is run by dwarves do to many of the buildings being smaller than most and going down instead of up, the cities tallest "building" being about 20 feet high and enclosing the entirety of the city (city wall). The Dwarves welcome everything to visit and trade, but rarely let things stay past sunset. Thus there are many inns just outside the city wall.
Tre Sere
One of the last Elven settlements solely comprised of elves. They do not let anyone in that is not elven, and they speak nothing but elven. They do accept outsiders, they just do not let them in the town. They trade elven goods with those outside the village, but all trade is done with other elves, who then resell the goods.
A fairly small village in the great plains. There is no ruler of any kind, instead, everyone makes sure everyone is prospering and living well. They all do their part in the town. With this, there is no crime, no hate, no war. But this also makes everyone cautious and callous towards outsiders. The town has no real army, mostly framers and craftsmen that chase things with knives and pitchforks. There are few adventurers mostly retired and living an easy life now.

[edit] Living Things

[edit] Fauna

Many plants in habit the world. Trees, shrubs, and flowers uncountable, many of which bear eatables.

Treants- A small handful of treants are know to roam the green side of the desert boarder. Semi-intelligent and dexterous.

[edit] Animals

Not considered intelligent creatures. Many common forms exist, mostly wild. such as canines, felines, horses, bears, monkeys, and the such. There is also much sea life, to include fish and large mammals.

[edit] Creatures


Kobolds- Short and frail humanoid with lizard like features. Capable of rational thought, but not of cognitive reasoning.
Dolphens- Slightly larger than normal dolphins, but much more intelligent, almost to that of humans.
Humans-Um, Homo Sapien Sapien.
Elves- Much like humans with pointy ears. much more in tune with nature and flow of life. tend to live longer.
Dwarves- Much like short, stocky humans. Tend to keep to mountainous dwellings.
Maariets- An amphibious human. Lives in the oceans of the world, rarely seen by land faring creatures.
Orog- Slightly larger than humans, yet more frail. Skin tends to be light to dark violet. Great knowledge of both the arcane and nature, and the manipulation and tainting of both.

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Kqitnar, Llizk, Phfonu

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