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Here I will work on developing a game system that can be used for computer or table top RPG's. Much of what was previously here has been moved to the discussion page.


[edit] The Naming of a System

We need a name!

Bah!! Names are over rated!Fazanatox 09:08, 8 April 2009 (UTC)

For the Moment I will go with the Working Name of "Flux RPG." It goes well with the core mechanic, and it doesn't appear to be taken yet (Google is wonderful. :P).

[edit] Quick Legal Summary


This system is to be licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License.


Short summary. You may modify, distribute, and reuse this information in any way you want as long as you attribute it to this project, and share your work under a similar license.

:-) You are always welcome to contribute directly to this project though.

[edit] The Core Mechanic

Every system has a core mechanic: something that is at the center of conflict resolution. In D20, it is roll 1D20, add modifiers, roll higher than the target number. With most World of Darkness games, it is roll X number of D10's, roll over a target number as many times as you can.

For my system, I plan to use the following core mechanic:

Chance = Skill/(Skill+Difficulty)

Chance is the percentile chance of success for a given task. This basically means that if your skill is exactly equal to the difficulty, then you will have a 50% chance of success. The higher your skill level is relative to the difficulty, the better your chance of success.

However, your chance of success can never be better than 99%, or worse than 1%. No matter how good you are, there is still a slight chance of failure. No matter how horrible you are, there is still a chance for the gods to smile upon you.

This may not apply to some skills of course, such as magicks or certain sciences.

[edit] Attributes

[edit] Primary Attributes

Primary Attributes are the ones that form the foundation of most every character. They are the core attributes that are used for various skills and to derive other attributes.

Primary attributes are divided into three categories, Mental, Physical, and Spiritual: or mind, body and spirit.

Each category is divided further into three attributes, one for Strength, one for Control, and one for endurance. They are listed bellow in just that order.

Primary Attributes are maxed at 255.

[edit] Mind

  • Intelligence
  • Wisdom
  • Fortitude

[edit] Body

  • Strength
  • Agility
  • Constitution

[edit] Spirit

  • Power
  • Gnosis
  • Quintessence

What the attributes look like with numbers

[edit] The Attributes Defined

Here we will provide definitions for the various attributes. At first they will be dictionary based definitions, and then eventually will come to include more information on their actual use in game.

  • If any attribute is less than 1 you die. If resurection exists in the game, you can be resurected if your attributes are all above 1. Creatures that do not require life (undead, constructs) may have attributes lower than 1.
  • Anything with a Quintessence lower than 1 does not exist, this includes things that do not require life (undead, constructs).

[edit] Intelligence

Capacity to understand and comprehend. 2. Capacity to solve problems.

One's ability to memorize factual information and compute things logically and mathematically.

  • No intelligent creature may have a base Intelligence less than 3.
  • Intelligence of 1-2: not capable of any rational thought.

[edit] Wisdom

Wisdom is the ability to understand and use knowledge that has been acquired. Wisdom is the ability to apply knowledge and understanding to real life situations.

Sense, savvy, streetwise and perceptiveness. The ability to use good judgement and follow through with said judgement.

  • No intelligent creature may have a base Wisdom less than 3.
  • Wisdom of 1-2: not capable of any rational thought.

[edit] Fortitude

Courage at the time of pain and adversity. This is the strength of mind that enables one to endure adversity with courage. This is a combination of will power, and mental stamina.

This is the minds ability to keep working in stressful situations (long periods of time, under the effects of strong emotions ie: fear and love)

  • No humanoid may have a base Fortitude less than 3.
  • Fortitude of 1-2: not capable of any rational thought.

[edit] Strength

This is the machine like quality of your body. How much physical force it can create. The quality of being strong. This is the ability to produce or withstand great physical force. Strength affects your ability to carry, push, or pull large amounts of weight. It also has an impact on the amount of physical damage you cause with strength powered weapons.

  • No humanoid may have a base Strength less than 3.
  • Strength of 1-2: Vestigial: not capable of any controlled movement.

[edit] Agility

The quality of being agile; the power of moving the limbs quickly and easily; nimbleness; activity; quickness of motion.

  • No humanoid may have a base Agility less than 3.
  • Agility of 1-2: Vestigial: not capable of any controlled movement.

[edit] Constitution

The general health of a person. This can also represent their physical bulk.

This is your body's physical ability to carry on. The body's ability to withstand stress (prolonged use, physical abuse)

  • No humanoid may have a base Constitution less than 3.
  • Constitution of 1-2: Vestigial: not capable of moving without causing one's self harm.

[edit] Power

Raw Mystical/Spiritual force. Paranormal brute strength.

  • No intelligent being should have a base Power less than 3.
  • Power of 1-2: No force of presence, and no defense against the paranormal forces of the universe.

[edit] Gnosis

This is your understanding of the cosmic forces that shape our universe. For spell casters this has a direct impact on the level of control they have over their abilities.

  • No humanoid should have a base Gnosis less than 3.
  • Gnosis of 1-2: No sense of reality. Your sanity is running very thin, or you may have no solid grasp on reality at all.

[edit] Quintessence

**We needed something here as a base description, so this is what I came up with. I think it fits well for "Fortitude/Constitution" stat for Spirit.

Your inner flame. The force that compels you to push even when all seems lost, to give even when you are spent. The light at the end of the tunnel that guides you through your darkest time.

In game-

  • No Humanoid may have a base Quintessence less than 3.
  • Quintessence of 1-2: You exist, but have no real connection to any reality beyond what you see in front of you. Your view of reality is so rigid that you are incapable of learning even the most simple of magics, and you may even have trouble with some day to day tasks that involve faith or altered perceptpions.

[edit] Derived Attributes

Derived attributes are important values that are derived from other attributes rather than just standing on their own. Some of these will be completely derived from some other attribute. Others will have a value of their own, and simply be modified by another attribute.

[edit] Stamina

Fortitude + Constitution

[edit] Hit Points

Fortitude + Constitution + Quintessence

[edit] Mana Pool


[edit] Carrying Capacity

Needs more info.

[edit] Skills

This section has temporarily moved.

[edit] Powers

This section has temporarily moved.

[edit] The Little Extras

[edit] Conflict Resolution

Conflict resolution is simple.

Your effective skill is Attribute + Skill + Modifiers

The effective difficulty for an uncontested roll is Difficulty + Modifiers The effective difficulty for a contested roll will generally be your opponents Attribute + Skill + Modifiers.

Your chance of success is determined as follows:

Chance = Skill/(Skill+Difficulty)

This formula will produce a percentage chance of success. The overall effect is that if the difficulty is equal to your skill, you have a fifty fifty chance. If the difficulty is higher, your chance is lower. If the difficulty is lower, your chance is higher.

In a table top environment the resulting value would be multiplied by 100 to make the math a bit easier for the roll. :)

In most cases, a roll of a 1 is an automatic success and a roll of a 100 is an automatic failure. This means that no matter how difficult the task, there may be some small glimmer of hope. No matter how good you are, there is a chance that the gods will knock you down a peg or two.

This does have an element of reason to it however. If you are a small child, trying to lift an adult elephant unasisted, then barring magic, it is just not going to happen. Then again, if you are just trying to shove the poor bugger off a cliff, you might just shock him enough to make him budge.

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